The ongame network was closed in September 2016. These were the valueback program rules on the ongame network before it was shut down.

Valueback, cashback and VIP programs

Valueback, cashback and VIP programs are actually all the same. It is the rakeback program on various ongame skins where you receive a rakeback percentage based on amount of player points you earn. Some ongame skins call it their valueback program, other ongame skins call it their cashback program and some skins run a VIP program, but they are actually all similar.

Rakeback vs. Valueback

There is one big difference between rakeback and the valueback programs.
If you get a rakeback deal on a poker room, you will receive a fixed percentage of your contributed rake.
In the valueback programs, this percentage is not fixed and varies according to your amount of play.

Maximum Ongame Valueback Percentages

Ongame has set out some rules that each ongame skin has to obey. The rules determine how much valueback a player can receive at most. The maximum allowed percentage is based on the amount of player points a player earns, either montly or yearly.
Each skin organizes their levels into monthly levels and yearly levels.

Monthly Valueback levels

In the monthly levels, the rakeback lies between 8% and 20%.

CashbackRequired PPPP / euro*
8%0 PP45PP per euro
9%250 PP40PP per euro
10%500 PP36PP per euro
11%750 PP32.7PP per euro
12%1000 PP30PP per euro
13%1500 PP27.7PP per euro
14%2000 PP25.7PP per euro
15%2500 PP24PP per euro
16%3000 PP22.5PP per euro
17%3750 PP21.2PP per euro
18%4500 PP20PP per euro
19%5250 PP18.9PP per euro
20%6000 PP18PP per euro

*PP / Euro: This indicates how many player points you need to get 1 euro in cashback.

Yearly Valueback levels

For the yearly levels, you must collect a certain amount of player points in the past year, or in a shorter period. Once you have enough player points for a yearly level, you will be able to get a higher rakeback percentage.

Cashbackrequired PPAveragePP / euro
20%12000 PP1000 PP / month18PP per euro
21%18000 PP1500 PP / month17.1PP per euro
22%24000 PP2000 PP / month16.4PP per euro
23%30000 PP2500 PP / month15.7PP per euro
24%36000 PP3000 PP / month15PP per euro
25%42000 PP3500 PP / month14.4PP per euro
26%48000 PP4000 PP / month13.8PP per euro
27%54000 PP4500 PP / month13.3PP per euro
28%60000 PP5000 PP / month12.9PP per euro
29%66000 PP5500 PP / month12.4PP per euro
30%72000 PP6000 PP / month12PP per euro
31%90000 PP7500 PP / month11.6PP per euro
32%108000 PP9000 PP / month11.3PP per euro
33%126000 PP10500 PP / month10.9PP per euro
34%144000 PP12000 PP / month10.6PP per euro
35%156000 PP13000 PP / month10.3PP per euro
36%174000 PP14500 PP / month10PP per euro
37%192000 PP16000 PP / month9.7PP per euro
38%210000 PP17500 PP / month9.5PP per euro
39%228000 PP19000 PP / month9.2PP per euro
40%240000 PP20000 PP / month9PP per euro

*PP / Euro: This indicates how many player points you need to get 1 euro in cashback.