The ongame network was closed in September 2016. These were the rakeback rules on the ongame network before it was shut down.

Ongame Network Rake

Rake is the amount of money that the ongame network deducts from every pot as a fee for hosting the poker games. It is the only way for poker rooms to make money. Poker rooms have no direct winnings from the action because poker is not played against the house, but against the other poker players.

The actual rake is determined by the ongame rake rules. The rake is different for the game type (limit, pot limit or no limit), the stake and the amount of players. At the ongame network, the maximum rake that is deduced from one pot is €3.


Ongame Network Rakeback

Normal rakeback deals are a refund of a fixed percentage of the contributed rake. The contributed rake is the part of the rake that a certain player has contributed money for in the pot.

For example, if you would contribute €10 in a €50 pot and the total rake taken from that pot was €2.50, your contributed rake would be €0.50. If in that same hand, two other players would have contributed €20 to the pot, their contributed rake would be €1.

If you would have a 30% rakeback deal, you will receive 30% of your €0.50 contributed rake back, €0.15 for this hand.

The ongame network does not allow rakeback deals in this format.


45% rakeback

You can get up to 45% rakeback at ongame by clearing bonuses on various skins of the ongame network.

A bonus can be cleared by collection player points. The best possible allowed clearing rate of a bonus on the ongame network is 8xPP per bonus euro.This means that you need to collect 8 player points for each € of the bonus. Considering that you receive 3.6 player points per €1 contributed rake, it is easy to calculate the rakeback that corresponds to an 8x bonus.

If your contributed rake is €100, you will have received 360 player points. With 360 player points, you could clear a €45 bonus with 8x clearing rate. This is the same as 45% rakeback.


Valueback, cashback or vip programs

Some ongame poker rooms offer a valueback program. This is comparable to rakeback, but it is not the same. The main difference between a rakeback deal and a valueback program lies in the percentage you will receive. For a rakeback deal, the percentage is fixed. In the valueback programs, the percentage you will receive depend on your amount of play. If you play more during a certain period, the rakeback percentage you get will be higher for that period.