On the 26th of september 2016 Redkings switched to the microgaming poker network

For old times sake, this was the look of the Redkings ongame poker client:


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Microgaming Poker Network

Redkings moved to the Microgaming poker network. More skins are available on this network. View all Microgaming skins.

First Deposit Bonus

Redkings offers a 200% first deposit bonus up to €1000 on the microgaming poker network. The bonus clears at a 20% rakeback equivalent rate and is released in 5 chunks.

Pocket Red Kings bonus

Redkings runs a promotion where you receive a 20% cashback bonus of €300 for having pocket red kings and a 20% cashback bonus of €500 if you loose with pocket red kings.


Visit the Redkings mpn bonus page for more information about the bonuses and promotions.



Redkings has a Loyalty program where you can earn up to 30% cashback. You can combine a bonus with the cashback program.