Ongame rake

The ongame network was closed in September 2016. This is the rake structure that was valid on the network when it was shut down.

What is rake?

Rake is the amount of money that the ongame network deducts from every pot as a fee for hosting the poker games. The rake is very important for the poker industry: this is how poker rooms and poker networks earn their money. Whitout the rake, online poker would not be profitable for online poker providers.

Ongame Rake Structure

There are 2 major rules that apply to the rake at the ongame network:

  • The rake is never higher than 5% of the pot.
  • No rake is taken from the pot if there is no flop.

In the tables below you can find the rake that is taken out of each pot when the hand has seen a flop.

For No Limit / Pot Limit / Strobe poker:

StakeRakePlayersMax rake
up to €0.25/€0.50€0.01 for each €0.202-3€2
higher than €0.25/€0.50€0.01 for each €0.202-3€3

For Fixed Limit poker:

StakeRakePlayersMax Rake
up to €0.15/€0.30€0.01 for each €0.202-10€0.20
€0.25/€0.50€0.01 for each €0.202-10€0.40
€0.50/€1.00€0.05 for each €1.002-10€0.50
€1/€2 and €2/€4€0.05 for each €1.002-3€1
higher than €2/€4€0.25 for each €5.002-3€1