Ongame player points

The ongame network was closed in September 2016. The ongame Player Points system was the base of all bonuses and valueback programs on the network.

What are ongame Player Points?

Player points are the key to clear bonuses at the ongame poker network. You earn them by playing in real money games or in real money tournaments.

The exact rules of earning player points are shown below. For tournaments it’s straightforward to predict how many points you will gather. It only depends on the amount of tournaments you play and at what buy in.

For ring games, it’s a different story.. the amount of player points you receive largely depend on the rake taken from the pots you contributed money in. This means.. the more hands you actually play with, the faster you will earn your points. Another big factor is your table selection. If you play with opponents that are willing to play a lot of hands… the faster you will gather points.

Ongame Poker Points rules for Tournaments

In tournaments, you receive 3.6 player points per euro in entry fee. The points are awarded when the tournament finishes. Some examples:

  • Playing a €5+€0.50 tournament, will give you 3.6 x €0.50 = 1.8 PP
  • Playing a €30+€3 tournament, will give you 3.6 x €3 = 10.8 PP
  • Playing a €100+€8 tournament, will give you 3.6 x €8 = 28.8 PP

Ongame Poker Points rules for Cash Games

In cash games, players that have invested money into a pot will be awarded with player points equivalent to the share of rake they contributed. Players that do not contribute any money to a pot will not be awarded with player points.

Each player earns 3.6 player points for every euro that they contributed to the rake in that pot.

Ongame Essence rake distribution

There is one more thing to take into account: The Essence rake distribution system of Ongame. That system will slightly adjust the contributed rake that is assigned to each player.

Ongame’s rake distribution system takes the individual strength relationship between players of each hand into account. The experienced and stronger players will be assigned slightly less contributed rake and the less experienced and weaker players will be assigned slightly more contributed rake.

If you take on less experienced opposition, you can expect to collect slightly less player points. If you go up against more experienced players, you will collect slightly more player points.