Ongame network

The ongame network closed in September 2016. These are quick links to all poker rooms that were part of the ongame network in 2016:



The ongame poker network has found its origin in 1999 with the famous poker site It was operated by the Swedish group OnGame. Back then, was very successful and that success attracted new poker rooms to the ongame network. The new poker sites were known as skins on the ongame network, the term ongame skins was born.

Bwin purchased the ongame network in 2006. They merged their bwin poker client into the ongame network to see the traffic increase even further. In 2009, was closed down, but many other skins joined the ongame poker network.

In 2011, bwin decided to merge their poker room with partypoker. The players from the Bwin client were merged into the partypoker network, away from the ongame network. Traffic at the ongame poker network decreased dramatically.

In 2012, the ongame poker network was sold to Amaya Gaming Inc. The player pool stayed reasonably large, but never had the traffic like it used to have a few years back.

NYX Gaming Group bought the ongame network in 2014. The network traffic remained low, but NYX declared to invest into the ongame network to boost the traffic once more. In September 2015, the currency at the ongame tables have switched from US dollar to euro. This decision was made to attract European poker rooms and merge them into the network.

NYX planned to merge their Hive poker network with the ongame network. The merge of both player pools was postponed from end 2015 to the first quarter of 2016 and even further. By the summer of 2016, it became clear that the merge would never take place and that the ongame poker network was doomed to die.

From the 30th of September 2016, the ongame poker network no longer accepted new registrations. On 15th October 2016, the network was closed completely.

We have moved our play from ongame to the microgaming poker network. Microgaming has a solid and growing poker network with a large player pool and lots of skins. You can compare all MPN skins on this microgaming skins overview.